If you ever get that feeling that you are not feeling your best, but then you are not feeling sick, 
perhaps a tonic is all you need!  

The Youth Solution® For Modern Times      

JC Tonic® is a blend of 18 bi-directional tonic herbs with added minerals. Along with many other health giving substances, it can be described as a "normalizer" or as a “balancer” which nurtures and nourishes. JC Tonic's herbs are incredibly safe to use. Because they balance things, they cannot push or pull a process or body system too far in the wrong direction. Rather their action is always towards the center. Furthermore, all its tonic herbs are synergistic with one another. The benefits will differ from person to person—but always without fear of adverse events occurring. That is the beauty of JC Tonic

The vitality obtained from the JC Tonic is remarkable. JC Tonic strengthens and promotes the overall body processes to function better. JC Tonic is used to improve all body system functions and to strengthen and build blood and energy. One ounce of JC Tonic, on an empty stomach, is assimilated in the blood in about 20 minutes. The vitality lasts through the day.

JC Tonic is very gentle and provides nutrients that the body can use, such as minerals and other constituents like plant pigments, such as anthocyanins or flavonoids. Large quantities can be given without harm of overstressing cells, tissues, organs or body systems. JC Tonic nourishes. Rather than rectifying a specific problem, as a remedy does, JC Tonic supports health in many interrelated ways. JC Tonic doesn't make you feel bad in the process of making you feel good. 

JC Tonic has the power; to increase energy levels, to help build strength, to prevent disease from occurring, to balance the body’s energy, to strengthen the disease-recovery process and to nourish the blood. It normalizes the function of organ systems and even staves off disease. Thus, it can be very useful to people who seek to cultivate better overall health or who want extra insurance against a problem for which they have a greater-than-average risk — a family history, perhaps, or exposure to excessive stress or environmental toxins. Together, and on a day-to-day basis, JC Tonic's herbs fight viruses and microbes as soon as they dare infiltrate your body. The 18 tonic herbs, in synergy, work as a team to eliminate all aggressors, consequently they embody the concepts of preventive medicine, quality of life and increase longevity. In principle this means that JC Tonic cleans and the revitalizes all your body systems at once.

The many cleaning factors of JC Tonic herbs can drain the lymph system, carrying away toxins from all body cells.

On a daily basis, one ounce of JC Tonic will detoxify the body. JC Tonic is the fast, sure way to eliminate internal waste and provide an optimum nutritional environment.

Safe to use:      
JC Tonic represents the best and safest choice for the novice consumer because of its ease of use, all-in-one herb combination and lack of side effects with their synergy, and, of course, its impact on health. At the same time, it is appreciated by experienced consumers because it remains true to the tonic principles, uncontaminated with non-tonic herbs and formulated by an expert. 

The effectiveness of the 60-year-old JC Tonic formula is a result of whole body tonic herbs compounded with the ancient method of blending a variety of herbs to enrich the whole range of body systems—it is an idea that had not yet been implemented in Western models of therapy when first introduced to the market in 1943.

JC Tonic, Jurak, herbs, health, tonic, home based business Identified in 1998 by an eminent phyto-pharmacologist, Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D. as a true whole body tonic.

work at home, work from home, herbal supplements, herbals, all-natural The herb compound part of JC Tonic is an accurate blend of 18 superior bidirectional tonic herbs.
mlm, distributors, network marketing, dietary, wellness, alternative Begin today, immediately, to feel the improvement in health without the necessity of making other difficult changes in your lifestyle...here is why!
JC Tonic, Jurak, herbs, health, tonic, home based business

Astonishing testimonials are coming in from people whose life was changed as they did in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

work at home, work from home, herbal supplements, herbals, all-natural A space-age product to help you regain your youth and vitality.

JC Tonic is the solution of modern times, much as gasoline is for an engine, that keeps this remarkable machine - the human body - functioning at peak performance.

JC Tonic, Jurak, herbs, health, tonic, home based business

mlm, distributors, network marketing, dietary, wellness, alternative




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Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic is a dietary supplement, not a drug and Jurak Corporation does not claim any drug or treatment effects for its product.
Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic is not intended to, and will not, diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
However, JC Tonic ® supplements the body's nutritional needs and can affect the structure and/or function of your body in various nutritional ways.  These individual testimonials, like others you may hear, reflect truthful, actual experiences of customers who took JC Tonic.  But they are not typical experiences and they do not constitute scientific evidence that the J C Tonic will have the same effect in others, including yourself.  Remember that these statements do not represent the typical JC Tonic drinker and you should not expect to achieve any of these same results. 

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