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Cathy Lok, B.Ed., C.A.- In traditional Chinese medicine, all known herbal plants were divided into three categories: inferior, middle and superior. Inferior herbs have specific effects on specific ailments. This lower group of medicines, labeled "poisons", came from toxic plants which were used to fight the most virulent diseases. This is the "quick-fix", "magic bullet" philosophy prominent in Western medicine and culture.

Middle herbs nurture "nature," or vitality, and have broader powers because they also strengthen body functions. However, the highest form of medicine revered in China are the superior herbs (tonic herbs) which help everything to heal and nurture life itself.

Chinese medical philosophy states that superior herbs ( tonic herbs) work by strengthening and stimulating the immune/defense functions of the body, thereby increasing its resistance to all kinds of assaults. The superior herbs (tonic herbs) are non-toxic. They help the body detoxify, while strengthening it at the same time. Then the body's own wisdom can heal itself.

work at home, work from home, herbal supplements, herbals, all-naturalChristopher Hobbs--Tonics herbs are the highest and most sought-after herbal remedies in many traditional systems of healing, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda. These herbs nourish specific cells, tissues, organs, and the whole individual, and are often used for long periods of time. These remedies help focus and call forth the biogenetic potential or vitality of the individual for use such as supporting the immune system, nerve function or hormonal system.

Tonics are very gentle and slow stimulants, and they provide nutrients that the body can use, such as vitamins, minerals, and many other constituents like plant pigments, such as anthocyanins or flavonoids. Large quantities can be given without harm of overstressing cells, tissues, organs or body systems.

Most importantly, the therapeutic and toxic doses are very far apart--giving a large margin of safety. For this reason, these herbs are called "superior" herbs in TCM.

The tonics are remedies that are well-tolerated, do not force the body to change and have a slow, nourishing and normalizing effect on body systems, imparting strength and tone. In western herbal medicine, these medicines were called "alteratives," "roborants" or even "tonics." The most famous example in this category is ginseng.

The two types of tonics are:

1) stimulating tonics (gently stimulates functional activity, like weight-lifting stresses and builds muscle)

2) nourishing tonics (provides vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and building blocks for proper tissue health and organ function.

By Steven Schechter - Oriental Herbs For Radiant Health
(Excerpted with permission of Health Products Business)

mlm, distributors, network marketing, dietary, wellness, alternativeAsian legend illustrates the reverence the Chinese have for herbs and their pervasive uses. For their final exam in herbal studies, a mentor asked his students to search for eight miles on all sides of the town and bring back as many plants as they could which had no healing benefits. After three days, most of the students returned, each with a few plants. On the fifth day, the last student, though quite knowledgeable, appeared empty-handed and sad. The teacher exclaimed, "You are the only one qualified to proceed on the herbal path."
Traditional Chinese herbal medicine (TCM) is one of the planet's oldest continuous and still-recorded systems of healing and prevention. Currently, many Chinese herbs are now becoming popular and readily available in the West. Chinese herbs have more than a 3,000-year written history of continuous use among billions of people. The therapeutic uses of many of these herbs are also now confirmed by more than 30 years of Western-style research efforts.
Traditional Chinese herbal medicine can be distinguished from other herbal traditions in that it emphasizes obtaining and using on a daily basis for a certain period of time safe tonic herbs that have a wide range of uses, including increasing energy, strengthening resistance to disease, generating longevity with greater quality of life, and preventing or treating physical disorders and common emotional imbalances.
In ancient China, tonic herbs were also referred to as "superior" or "imperial" herbs, used daily by only the wisest and wealthiest people. Currently, tonic herbs are a part of everyday life in the Orient.

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