Herbal Tonic Therapies      
Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D.

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Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D. earned his advanced degree in experimental psychology from Brigham Young University in the late 70ís. His specialized area was psychopharmacology, with related studies in biochemistry, neurology, anatomy and physiology. His interest in medicinal botany began while in graduate school and his dissertation reflected that interest: "Motion sickness, psychphysics and ginger root." Over the next several years his research in this area lead the publication of several books, among which are The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine, Guaranteed Potency Herbs: Next Generation Herbal Medicine, Herbal Tonic Therapies, and Fat Management: The Thermogenic Factor. Of these, Herbal Tonic Therapies should be of special interest in individuals involved in Jurak Corporation World Wide, Inc.

Tonics Are A Great Paradox       
The great truths of nature and morality are often expressed as paradoxes. Tonics are a great paradox. Lowly in stature, mighty in potential....
Herbal Tonics and the Digestive System Part 1     
In the last column I mentioned two herbs in connection with the digestive system: dandelion root and gentian root. These two herbs are examples of how tonics work, in this case by gently increasing the digestive capacity and restoring health and balance to the organs of digestion in general, and by providing a healthy foundation for the entire panorama of digestive system disorders....
The Digestive System - Part II       
One of the most important tonic herbs is gentian root (Gentiana lutea). It is also one of the most bitter herbs. Imagine diluting one drop of something in 12,000 drops of water and still being able to taste it. Thatís how powerful gentian root is. Furthermore, one of the constituents of gentian root, amarogentine, is detectable at a dilution as high as 1:50,000. That is a lot of bitter!...
Angels in our Ale     
This month let's take a closer look at one of the more obscure herbs in the Tonic. It has been my experience that not many people are acquainted with Angelica archangelica....
Some Say Tonic, Some Say Tunic      
Will tonics (specifically JC Tonic) interfere with prescription medications or with OTC drugs?
Nope. Remember that tonics are mild in their activity. They gently push body systems and processes toward NORMAL....
Good Things Await Somewhere In Thyme      
Having discussed at some length, in a previous installment, the factors that characterize tonic herbs, I should now admit that the picture is not as crystal clear as I would like it to be....
An Interview With Anthony Carl Jurak      
In the last chapter of the book I got around to laying out what I thought the Whole Body Tonic had to do. These where 10 things that if you're going to have something youíre going to call a Whole Body Tonic rather than just an immune tonic or cardiovascular tonic or a digestive tonic, a Whole Body Tonic had to have these 10 things. So I can go over them fairly quickly....
And The Search Goes On      
For some time now, Anthony has been after me to update the list of herbs I believe possess tonic activity. I agreed to this task before I realized that although I had encountered many herbs over the years that could be added to the list, I had never made a systematic attempt to do that. Oh boy....
In A Major Key      
I don't know if there ever really was such a thing as the Knights of the Round Table. But I'd like to think there was. And if it is true, then this must have been a special group of men, distinguished above all others; a mere handful chosen from literally thousands of candidates, proven in the field of battle, and sharing a special kinship one with another. I wonder if they would have sat around the Table arguing over who was the greatest....
The Debate         
Licorice VS St John's Wort...
The Yin and The Yang of The Jurak Classic      
In this article we explore how the Jurak Classic fits within the framework of TCM

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