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In women, the gonads are called ovaries.  They create the reproductive cells, called the ovum.  They also secrete sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone which control the reproductive or menstrual cycle.

They control such characteristics as breast development and menstruation.  The diminishing function of the ovaries, which comes in a woman’s middle age, is known as menopause.

Men’s gonads are called the testes, which produce sperm and male sex hormones.

Abnormal function of the gonads can cause strong or weak sexual activity but such cases are rare.  Aside from the psychological factors, sex feelings in most people are the result of teamwork by all the glands.

Tonic Herbs in JC Tonic that Support the Female Reproductive System

LICORICE ROOT’S estrogenic activity has been clearly established by experimental investigation.  In a study involving women who could not ovulate, normal ovulation was successfully induced by utilizing an extract of Licorice root.  As a uterine tonic, Licorice root has been used by cultures as divergent as Asia, Europe and North America, and is recognized today as a premier herb for such applications in holistic medicine. 

PASSION FLOWER is used primarily as a sedative, but, in a related fashion, can be used to calm nerves that get on edge during the periods of hormonal adjustment common to most women.  A related use for Passion Flower is to relieve pain.  This analgesic (pain-killing) effect has been demonstrated in laboratory and clinical tests.  Together, the analgesic and sedative effects of Passion Flower eliminate many of the discomforts and nervous manifestations associated with menstruation and menopause.

CHAMOMILE possesses a definite and proven uterine tonic property.  In one carefully controlled study, Russian researchers were able to isolate and document the tonus effects of several herbal extracts on the uterine tissue (from animals).  Of those yielding positive results, Chamomile had the greatest activity.

Tonic Herbs in JC Tonic that Support the Male Reproductive System

SAW PALMETTO BERRY acts to tone and strengthen the male reproductive system. It may be used with safety where a boost to the male sex hormones is required.  Saw Palmetto relieves testicular inflammation and inhibits the hormone responsible for prostate enlargement.

SARSAPARILLA is used for sexual impotence. As a tonic, it is used for physical weakness and for enhancing the male reproductive system.  It helps promote good circulation, balance the glandular system and stimulates metabolism and male sexual potency.  Sarsaparilla promotes rejuvenation, stimulates metabolism, enhances glandular balance, boosts hormone production and aids muscle building.

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